Marketing and channel development to facilitate a commercial pivot

About Project.


The leading 2-wheel e-vehicle innovator Brammo, had already suffered a false start to its distribution when its attempt to sell electric motorcycles through a big box retailer failed to gain sales traction. The company needed to switch distribution quickly and attract the attention of traditional motorcycle dealers while securing direct consumer pre-orders in advance of product availability.


A strategy was developed that would use event-driven marketing together with social media at the largest international motorcycle shows to expose potential customers to the motorcycles and create demand pull both in dealerships and important pre-orders. To develop the new sales channel Brammo had to capture dealers’ attention and prove demand, a pre-order system was created where customers would pre-order motorcycles through the main Brammo website. This data was then aggregated into regions and used with interested dealers to help quantify the size of the business opportunity on offer and to focus cooperative marketing efforts.


Brammo had a significant presence at many major motorcycle events including EICMA in Milan, this was the center piece of the strategy. The stand at EICMA used large screen video and coordinated multi lingual ‘machine lust” to successfully capture the attention of both dealers and customers. A private meeting area was created above the stand for Brammo staff to hold meetings with suppliers and close business agreements with dealers using pre order volumes as described above. Over the following weeks multiple dealer agreements were signed covering North America and Europe.

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