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At the time, both the business and political environment had very little sympathy for green issues.

“….this President just doesn’t get it when it comes to combating climate change, the house is on fire, and he’s trying to douse the flames with a watering can.” Sen. John F. Kerry.

Mitsubishi Electric was holding a steady #2 position in its chosen air conditioning markets – yet they knew there had to be a way to become #1.
The air conditioning business as a whole had a challenging reputation based on its historic use of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons). In the face of the global challenges of climate change, fuel security and fuel affordability, Mitsubishi Electric believed that the way organizations consume energy in their buildings was about to undergo probably the greatest transition since the move from solid fuel to gas.


As the biggest consumers of energy, buildings, in all their forms, could be made more efficient and less carbon intensive to become part of a green solution. To make this happen, people needed a unity of purpose across the entire heating, cooling, ventilation and power solutions supply chain.

OOKII knew that dialogue would be critical to achieving success and that there was a role for Mitsubishi Electric to facilitate this important dialogue and become the catalyst for change. In doing so Mitsubishi Electric would have an opportunity to re-position itself with both customers and legislators and become #1.

OOKII worked with Mitsubishi senior management to create an ambitious strategic plan which contained big goals, including specific CO2 reductions. This plan also laid out how Mitsubishi Electric would work with some of the UK’s largest and most respected institutions, companies and industry bodies who were seriously concerned about satisfying new UK and European environmental policy.

OOKII created and successfully launched a unique plan for this strategic initiative. It was named The Green Gateway Initiative.

OOKII worked with Mitsubishi Electric to form an advisory panel which would to guide content and implementation of the Green Gateway Initiative.

New build rates were slow, so existing buildings had to be part of the solution, yet many of these were old and energy inefficient. To address this a comprehensive report was published to support Government lobbying activities. The goal being to persuade Government to introduce new legislation and financial incentives to stimulate the replacement of older equipment by new energy efficient technology.


By moving quickly once the opportunity was identified Mitsubishi Electric gained the first mover advantage and maintained that advantage as competitors struggled to play catch up.

This Green Gateway Initiative was extremely well received by both distributors and resellers and continues to expand today. Within Mitsubishi the Green Gateway Initiative resonated well with staff and contributed to their overall motivation and sense of engagement.

Mitsubishi Electric customers have achieved CO2 reductions that are now well into six figures (tonnes saved) and reduced running costs of their buildings by £ millions.

Mitsubishi Electric achieved the original goal of becoming #1 in the market place. They achieved this by anticipating change and responding quickly with an innovative approach created by OOKII and then developed hand-in-hand with Mitsubishi Electric.


“OOKII help us to create, validate and launch new and innovative service offerings. The external perspective OOKII bring to our business helps us to stay ahead and their creative energy keeps things moving forwards.”

Deane Flint, Joint Divisional Manager, Mitsubishi Electric,


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