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We are incredibly proud to have beeen associated with Touch Bionics and to have played some part in the company’s success and the many lives that have been improved by their disruptive bionic technology. If we tell you that the history of Touch Bionics began with a program of work conducted at the Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh from 1963, you will appreciate the road to market has been both long and demanding.

Not only had their unique bionic hand technology taken longer to come to market than was originally planned, it was now starting to feel competitive pressure from much larger organizations offering alternative technology, inevitably some of these competitors had far greater budgets and resources at their command. Launching the first product successfully was crucial.

Touch Bionics’ technology itself is beguiling and there is no shortage of media interest in the science fiction come true story. However, to win the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals Touch Bionics needed to show patients adopting the technology and enjoying a demonstrably more fulfilling quality of life.


OOKII and Touch Bionics developed a go to market plan that was centered on patient stories. We documented many patient stories and created a wealth of great photography, video footage and pre-edited media video segments to illustrate and support those patient stories for international media.

Touch Bionics had several key clinical partners. Each partner was approached and encouraged to participate in the launch by documenting one patient story for use with media. The clinical partners were also asked to become proactive after the launch and leverage all their own media contacts to help stimulate media interest and engagement.

OOKII knew that interest in the story would be on an international scale and demand for comment and content would be high. To ensure that Touch Bionics could service these many demands from around the globe a content delivery network was created. By having the image and video files duplicated on several servers in different geographical regions OOKII was able to ensure that the media channels had fast and easy access to content.


As a result of these efforts Touch Bionics had an unprecedented volume of media coverage in both traditional print media and in online and social media channels. As might be expected the tone of the media coverage was overwhelmingly positive. In addition the story was covered by many of the major media outlets such as the BBC and Good Morning America, which enhanced the newsworthiness of the story.

“A quantum leap in functional prosthetics… I strongly believe these prostheses will help return the injured patient with devastating life altering injuries to a more fulfilling lifestyle.”
Nabil A. Barakat, MD, F.A.C.S Midwest Hand Surgery, USA

This extensive coverage stimulated interest from all the target markets which Touch Bionics and OOKII had identified. Patients, healthcare professionals, the military, component suppliers, investors and healthcare professionals who wanted to join the Touch Bionics team.

Touch Bionics continues to innovate and lead the world in the development of upper limb prosthetic technologies. The company remains committed to delivering positive patient outcomes and improving the lives people with upper limb deficiencies across the world.


“OOKII were hugely influential in Touch Bionics getting the i-LIMB Hand to market. Their drive, skills and sector knowledge were crucial in bringing ground breaking and disruptive technology into a conservative professional field.”

David Gow, Founder, Touch Bionics


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