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While ‘hierarchical storage’ enterprise software remains a super-hot category, our client Versity was the first brand new company to enter this space in almost 10 years. How to position Versity as a credible brand in the minds of large corporate purchasers? Enter OOKII …


Timing, as always, is critical to success. The launch of Versity was scheduled to take place before the Supercomputer Event in Denver, Colorado. Everyone focuses on the big trade shows, but as ever, the key questions was when to lift the kimono?

Not so close that the message is lost in the noise from the event but close enough to be a key topic of conversation and interest during this important event which attracts key decision makers from government, research and top commercial organizations.

OOKII counseled to stay away from technology features and to pursue the ‘where there’s mystery there’s magic’ strategy. Press and social media campaigns targeted the key question. “How did Versity get this far, so fast and not show up on the VC community radar?”


This integrated media approach was highly successful in terms of both coverage and quality of engagement. The answer to the question posed “How did Versity get this far, so fast and not show up on VC (venture capitalist) radar?” Was answered when those interested visited the Versity website and learnt that Cray Research had invested in Versity, an unusual move for Cray and one which conferred not just capital but also powerful industry credibility on Versity.

Following the successful launch Versity was selected to power Cray’s TAS archive solution, part of an $80 Million super computer order for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.


“Thorough planning and execution by the team ensured a successful launch, which ultimately created strong client interest and confidence. Giving Versity a fast path to revenue.”

Bruce Gilpin CEO


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