Marketing Marijuana – Weird State Regulations

Because cannabis is becoming legal on a state by state basis the regulations around its marketing are equally fragmented. If you take the fragmented state by state approach and layer on an inclination by states to develop elaborate regulations, rules [...]



Cannabis – Revenue Growth and Taxation

As part of our ongoing involvement in the legal cannabis marketplace this article is designed to help explain market developments to a wider audience. The legal cannabis industry experienced 37% growth in 2017 to reach $9.5 billion in consumer spe [...]



What can we learn from Better Place?

Some of you will remember Better Place, for those who don’t here is a quick recap. Better Place was a venture-backed international company that developed and marketed battery-charging and battery-switching services for electric vehicles. The major [...]



News Feed v. Stories: Casts Uncertainty Over Facebook’s Future Performance

Facebook’s stock was down almost 20% at the time of posting this article on Thursday at 9am PST. This fall came after the company reported slightly disappointing results for the second quarter and issued a growth warning. Facebook stock falls in [...]



Life on the Edge

IDC predicts that 45% of all data created by devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will be stored, processed, and actioned using edge computing. IoT is a rapidly growing market – it has been forecast that the number of IoT connec [...]



Age is Just a Number… $331.41 billion

  Lifespans of 120 to 150 years are predicted to become commonplace and may be seen as early as 2029. Silicon Valley giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Paypal, are investing heavily in life extension start-ups such as Human Longevity [...]



The Inside Story on Raising Capital and Getting to Market from Azhar Hussain CEO of OOKII Client Hanhaa

Azhar Hussain, CEO of OOKII Client Hanhaa is on a mission to help bring retailing and logistics into the 21st century. Here, in an interview for Growth Business, Azhar explains how his Internet of Things company, Hanhaa, has grown over the last four [...]



How to Turn Good Content into a Great News Story.

As we all read or listen to the news we have all developed an ideal of what a good news story looks like. How then to take a product launch for example and make it news worthy? Well if you are Sir Richard Branson you may decide to abseil down the [...]



External Marketing Firms Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Successful marketing is vital for corporate success. Managing the marketing process in today's digital world  is complex and fraught with difficulties. Which is why large organizations increasingly turn to outside marketing firms for help. As McKin [...]



GDPR Compliance Becomes Mandatory on May 25th. Are You Ready?

Welcome to 2018 and our first OOKII blog post of the New Year. If you have customers in the European Union then you need to be fully aware of GDPR and prepared for its introduction later this year. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes [...]




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