External Marketing Firms Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Successful marketing is vital for corporate success. Managing the marketing process in today's digital world  is complex and fraught with difficulties. Which is why large organizations increasingly turn to outside marketing firms for help. As McKin [...]



GDPR Compliance Becomes Mandatory on May 25th. Are You Ready?

Welcome to 2018 and our first OOKII blog post of the New Year. If you have customers in the European Union then you need to be fully aware of GDPR and prepared for its introduction later this year. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes [...]



The 12 Days of Christmas Gifts Rise in Price Only 0.6% Compared to Last Year.

The 2017 results are in and the price of True Love has increased only slightly since 2016. The cost of this year's index rose ever so slightly, driven by the cost increases for the Pear Tree, the increased demand for Golden Rings and wage increases f [...]



How to Survive and Thrive at CES 2018

Each year OOKII Company helps both new and established high tech companies generate outstanding media coverage for their products and brand at CES. This year we decided to share with you the challenges of CES and some of OOKII Company’s tried and t [...]



Are Journalists Failing to Keep Pace with Digital Technology?

Do Newsrooms Face a Technology Gap? Technologists remain sparse in newsrooms. Just 5% of newsroom journalists have technology-related degrees, and 2% of newsrooms employ technologists. Only 1% employ analytics editors. Managers are more skilled [...]



What We Need To Understand About Generation Z

The difference between Millennials and Generation Z is important to understand in order to prepare your organization, adapt marketing strategy and refocus recruiting efforts to stay relevant for the future. Generation Z The Generations The und [...]



Top Ten Tips for a Successful News Release

Start with the End in Mind A news release needs to be newsworthy. Nobody is interested in “Dog bites man!”  but  “Man bites dog!” is a different story. How is your story relevant to the target audience? Relative to all the other news [...]



What PR challenge do Nike, IKEA, Porsche, Fjällräven, Adidas and Hoegaarden have in Common?

Commonly mispronounced brand names. They all have brand names which are occasionally mispronounced and generally they don’t like it when that happens. Let’s see how knowledgeable you are…. NIKE: Should Nike rhyme with “like”? Apparent [...]



Presentation to Make? Here are 12 Questions That Will Help You Connect with Your Audience.

As Dale Carnegie once said,  “There is no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name…” Successful presentations connect with the audience and gain their attention.  Here are 12 questions to help facilitate that pr [...]



Online News – True or False?

There is no doubt that "fake news" is a big problem particularly online. During the 2016 US presidential election, we saw social media headlines such as "Hillary Clinton sold weapons to Isis" and "Pope Francis endorses Donald Trump for President." [...]



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